How to notify Phoenix Life directly


How to notify Phoenix Life of a death

There is one way to directly notify Phoenix Life of a death:

What information is required to tell Phoenix Life of a bereavement?

To ensure a smooth process, try to have the following information on hand when notifying Phoenix Life of a death:

  • You will need to have with you any documents from Phoenix Life
  • The Policy name and number, as well as full contact details of the deceased
  • Their National Insurance number
  • Full details of the person dealing with their Estate – if this is not you, please ensure that you have their permission to give their details before doing so.

What Happens Next?

Once told of the death, Phoenix Life will take the necessary next steps. Should further information be required of you, they will contact you.

About Life Ledger

Who you can notify with Life Ledger

Life Ledger is free to send death notifications

What you need

The deceased’s:

  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Full name and usual address
  • Death certificate or interim death certificate (scan or photograph)

From you:

  • A piece of photographic ID, such as a passport of driving licence, to upload and verify your identity. (scan or photograph)

Life Ledger can help

Our platform allows you to notify service providers and relevant companies quickly and efficiently. At no cost to you, we aim to reduce the administerial stress surrounding the loss of a loved one.



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Life Ledger is free and allows you close all of the accounts connected to the deceased quickly and easily from one place
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Life Ledger is a free, easy to use platform that helps families simplify the death notification process.