Welcome to Life Ledger

The free service that allows you to tell lots of companies about a death from one place

Life Ledger is free to send death notifications

What you need

The deceased’s:
  • Date of Death
  • Full name and usual address
  • Death certificate or interim death certificate (scan or photograph)
From you:
  • A piece of photographic ID, such as a passport of driving licence, to upload and verify your identity. (scan or photograph)

How to Report a Death to Boots Advantage Card

Unfortunately, we are unable to notify Boots Advantage Card of a death, however you can tell them yourself by:

Calling the team on 0345 609 0055
Writing an email to boots.customercare_team@boots.co.uk

What documentation will I need to inform Boots Advantage Card of a death?

When you contact the Boots Advantage Card support team, you should make sure that you have the following information available:

  • Boots Advantage Card number (16-digit)
  • Member’s name and contact details
  • Name of person – at the same address – to whom the points will be transferred

What happens next?

Boots Advantage Card will sort out the details and will contact you to confirm.

Life Ledger can help

Our platform allows you to notify service providers and relevant companies quickly and efficiently. At no cost to you, we aim to reduce the administerial stress surrounding the loss of a loved one.

What people say about us

Thank you again for your personal engagement. I can see how important you are taking this.


A.D, Birmingham

Thank you so much for your concern and going that extra bit further for us, your understanding and compassion shines through.


J.J, Durham

You are making a difficult situation so much easier!


A.G, York

Thank you for everything, I know you've been working hard in the background, this has been a helpful service


N.N, Salisbury

Thanks. You have been a great help. It is appreciated. Take care


S.T, Swansea

It's good to know there's a nice company out there helping with this, thank you


G.Y, Kent

Great to get the emails from Life Ledger letting me know what's been actioned, it is definitely very helpful


C.A, Middlesex

Thank you for all of your support so far, your help has certainly made a difficult task a little more manageable


O.R, Essex