Welcome to the Life Ledger & Cornwall Hospice Care partnership

Simple planning to help ease the burden on families after a death

50% of your subscription goes directly towards helping your hospice

While the other 50% will help us keep this a free service to anyone who is terminally ill or in end-of-life care.

We are thrilled to be working with Life Ledger, offering additional assistance to individuals in end-of-life planning and delighted that this partnership will also benefit the hospice.

Our purpose is to provide compassionate, specialised end of life care for patients, their families and carers whilst guaranteeing our high quality standards. Together with our local community we will continue to make every day matter.

- Cornwall Hospice Care

Life Ledger provides a secure place to keep the details of accounts, policies, pensions, shares, memberships and subscriptions; alongside a will, useful documents, wishes and details of friends, family, solicitors and executors.

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Safe, secure & ready

Ensure everything is organised and waiting for your family to access when it is needed. A little simple preparation now will reduce the stress and burden on your families and friends in the future.

Create a resource to guide your family

Involve the people that matter the most

Ensure your friends and family are connected to the information they will need after you pass

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50% of your subscription goes directly to helping your hospice each and every year


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What people say about us

Thank you again for your personal engagement. I can see how important you are taking this.


A.D, Birmingham

Thank you so much for your concern and going that extra bit further for us, your understanding and compassion shines through.


J.J, Durham

You are making a difficult situation so much easier!


A.G, York

Thank you for everything, I know you've been working hard in the background, this has been a helpful service


J.J, Durham

Thanks. You have been a great help. It is appreciated. Take care