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Inform all of the businesses connected to the deceased quickly and easily

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Help reduce the administrative burden on the family after a death


Useful articles, information and links relating to bereavement

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Two years later Life Ledger was launched ...


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How to Notify the Barnet Pension Fund of a Death

How to notify the Barnet Pension Fund of a death

Below we have detailed the process for notifying this company of a death. Alternatively, you can use Life Ledger to inform this and any other UK company connected to the deceased quickly, easily and for free.

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How does Life Ledger work?

Step 1


Life Ledger is a free service. Create an account and add all of the deceased details, just once.

Step 2


Select the businesses you want to inform, add account details & instructions, such as close or transfer account

Step 3

Press send

We will select, package and send the information each business requires

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Thank you again for your personal engagement. I can see how important you are taking this.


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You are making a difficult situation so much easier!


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