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How to Notify B&Q Club of a Death

Read time: 3 minutes

We always think that we have tomorrow….

It’s hard to take in the fact that we will never see our loved one again. And the grief and emotions are only made worse when find out how much paperwork and admin is also coming our way. Life Ledger is a helping hand, at a time when you need it the most. You needed to know how to notify B & Q Club of a death, so we’ll begin with helping you there:

How do I notify B&Q Club of a death?

What hapens after you have notifed Severn Trent Water?

Another way is to register the death within Life Ledger, and allow us to take the headache from you. Initially you have to verify your ID, and upload a copy of the death certificate. Once that is completed, you can then enter the information required by the B&Q Club. Pressing send completes the notification.

However, we know that you will have many other companies to inform. And that is where Life Ledger shines, in that you can enter as many notifications for as many companies as you wish. There is no limit to the number you may enter. So why not?

What information do I need to inform the B&Q Club of a death?

You should have the following when you contact them:

  • The long number from the back of the B&Q Club Card – it is beneath the barcode – or have the card with you
  • Email address and full contact details of the deceased that were associated with the card
  • Contact details of the person dealing with the Estate – if this is not you, please ensure that you have their permission to pass on this information

What happens next?

B&Q Club will let you know what they are doing with the account.

Of course, the rest of the situation is still to be handled. Life Ledger knows it can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you’re not sure of exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Which is why we have created a guide. In simple steps it shows you what needs to be done, and allows you to see what you have already accomplished..

By and large, the biggest cause of stress is going to be notifying all the companies. That is where Life Ledger really helps. We know you wanted information about the B&Q Club but with so many companies to contact, go ahead and add their details into the site as well. It’s much easier than having to spend hours online researching how to contact each one. Then there’s even more time spent either submitting forms or calling them.

Life Ledger allows you with confidence to entrust the notifications to a system that knows what it’s doing. Saving you time, headaches and stress. As we mentioned, there is no limit to the number you can enter through the site, but there is no charge – so if you go looking for our Payment Terms, you won’t find them. All we offer is peace of mind, and time to spend on other more important things.

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Our free, easy-to-use service simplifies the death notification process.

Contact all of the businesses connected to the deceased from a single point and stop having the same difficult conversation over and over, with different people in different businesses.

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We make death notifications easier

Our free, easy-to-use service allows families to inform all of the businesses connected to the deceased from one place

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Life Ledger is free and allows you close all of the accounts connected to the deceased quickly and easily from one place
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Life Ledger is a free, easy to use platform that helps families simplify the death notification process.