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Life Ledger is about much more than simply a digital platform that helps families navigate the admin left behind after a death, we are also a team of emotive, empathetic individuals who want to drive a really positive outcome for families struggling with loss. The majority of our team have suffered a loss within the last couple of years, and have joined us because of the clear benefits that we can bring at such a difficult time.

While our free, easy-to-use service is now helping thousands of families up and down the country, we are increasingly mindful that not everyone is as digital as we are. We are unable to answer thousands of calls from the recently bereaved, but we can ensure that the experience they do have when they use our platform is backed up by a responsive customer support team. Gary writes on TrustPilot “The Life Ledger team have always been courteous, empathetic, and efficient. This service has been extremely helpful at a pretty awful time.

And GP from Daventry echoes this, noting “I would like to express my gratitude to you and the whole team for your help during this trying time, it has been invaluable.”

By using Life Ledger families are saving between 20 and 30 hours of painful conversations, repeating the same conversation again, and again, and again.  And you can help us, help your families.

I am extremely grateful that this service was recommended by the Funeral Directors and to the Life Ledger team.

Efficient, effective, and professional. A company that wants to help people through what is a difficult time.

No two deaths are the same, and people deal with loss in very different ways as they adapt to their new circumstances. They all however share a kindred necessity to deal with the difficult task of closing or switching accounts of someone who has died.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Life Ledger death notification service to relatives, executors, personal representatives of somebody who has died. The service simplified my administering the somewhat chaotic estate of a recently deceased relative.

Dealing with the accounts of a loved one can sometimes seem like a lonely and never-ending task. At Life Ledger we are there to support the bereaved as much as possible. This includes using Live Chat and messaging technology to provide a level of comfort and personal touch where possible.

Here at Life Ledger, we strive for better outcomes for all the families who use our platform, and we would love to be able to help you help your families too.

Please contact Dan Blackett – dan@lifeledger.com for how you can work with us

How we help

Our free, easy-to-use service simplifies the death notification process.
Contact all of the businesses connected to the deceased from a single point and stop having the same difficult conversation over and over, with different people in different businesses.

Step 1


Create an account and add all of the deceased details, just once

Step 2


Select the businesses you want to inform, add account details & instructions, such as close or transfer account

Step 3

Press send

We will select, package and send the information each business requires

How we help

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Life Ledger is free and allows you close all of the accounts connected to the deceased quickly and easily from one place
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Life Ledger is a free, easy to use platform that helps families simplify the death notification process.