Register a Life

A simple end-of-life planning tool to make their lives easier

Somewhere to keep track of the accounts you have, upload wills, funeral plans and life insurance policies to help your family navigate the administration after you’ve gone… 

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Register a Life

Create a single, secure space to hold the details of accounts, pensions, shares, memberships and subscriptions, alongside a will, instructions and details of friends, family, solicitors and executors.

Having everything in one place ensures nothing gets missed or lost after you've gone, meaning your family won’t have to deal with additional stress and admin at what is a really difficult time.

The benefits


Your family won’t be left trying to unravel complex business affairs


All your information is safely kept behind bank-level security


With a Register a Life account dealing everything is kept so simple after death


Invite friends, family, solicitors or executors to work with you


Help your family avoid months of time-consuming administrative work


Ensure everyone knows exactly what is required and where to find it


Ensure everyone knows exactly what is required and where to find it


To get started

Step 1


Create an account and add some basic details about you, a family member, friend or client

Step 2

Include a partner or child

Make sure you add someone to know about your Register a Life account.

Step 3

Add account details

Select companies to add and enter your account or policy number 

Who you can notify through Life Ledger

After a death we are able to notify over 1,000 companies, including:

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